Our Team

With the full-service support of SEH’s engineers, architects, planners and scientists, our drone team will elevate your project experience.

Our team works directly with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and local Departments of Transportation and government and are given unprecedented access to project sites, saving both time and money for our clients. SEH drone services can help you visualize a project concept, stay on top of updates and access remote and precarious sites without compromising safety.



Brandon Twedt

Brandon is a senior aviation engineer and drone operator dedicated to delivering complete technological solutions to clients’ most complex challenges. Brandon is the director of unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) operations at SEH. He loves giving projects creative perspectives using aerial/ground video.

Part 107 Certified Pilot
Professional Engineer (MN)


Cody Kutil

Cody is an airport planner, GIS specialist and drone operator who excels at discovering unique perspectives and cutting-edge solutions. Cody is a Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Certified Remote Pilot and loves finding the balance between project design solutions and technology. Read Cody’s “Day in the Life” story for a behind-the-scenes look into drone operation.

Part 107 Certified Pilot
Private Pilot
MSHA Part 48 Safety Trained


Bailey Nelson

Bailey is a drone operator who is part of the natural resource team. She recognizes the importance of utilizing technology in the natural resource sciences to produce new, innovative solutions as well as a sustainable future.

Part 107 Certified Pilot
Private Pilot


Bryan Tolcser

Bryan is a senior scientist and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) specialist who brings a remote sensing and photogrammetry background to the SEH drone team. He is committed to discovering how technology can expand our awareness of our natural environment.

Full Service Workflow

Licensed operators perform pre-flight planning and airspace checks

Coordinate authorization for sensitive areas such as airports and public facilities

Flight planning to achieve client’s specific needs

Placement and survey of ground control points to increase accuracy

Authorized pilot and visual observer, if necessary

GIS specialist to analyze data, perform photogrammetric analyses, provide data to meet client’s specifications

Data Deliverables

High resolution orthomosaic imagery (capable of <5cm resolution)

Surface elevations (DEM, TIN, PLY)

Contours available in AutoCAD or GIS compatible format

Spatially referenced data to meet client’s needs

Quality control reporting

Cloud services available to preview data and perform basic analytics

4K and 6K video

3D overlay